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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your experience level with WAN/LAN?

A: I have a great deal of experience with networking for WAN and LAN, from cabling to designing the network to the most efficient secure use possible. I have worked with switches, routers, firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems, and various protocols such as TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, VPN, SMB, AFP, proxies, and network security. I have done configuration and trouble shooting on routing, ACLs, VLANs, and more.

Q: What is your experience with data management and data mining?

A: I have a great deal of experience working with relational databases. Starting with building the tables and content to structuring the data for later access. I am highly skilled with SSMS, SSRS, and high availability SQL Server clustering. For day-to-day operations I have developed dozens of reports designed to pull specific data, creating meaningful analytics. I used an application called Enterprise Information System to perform data mining on our ERP system for measurement and analysis of operational trends. From these tools I have determined our levels of spoilage, primary markets, categories of work and profitability, etc.

Q: Tell me about your recent management/supervisory experience in an IT capacity.

A: My latest role was Director of Operations in a Microsoft Gold Cloud Hosting partner providing SaaS. There I delt with day-to-day customer issues, directing administrators and engineers on processes, implementing new services and training people on the use and deployment, and developing new systems. As a senior member of management, I was involved in all major decision to move the company forward.

For four years I previously managed all technology for my employer with the help of one additional report. I trained this person about networks, systems, and troubleshooting.

For the previous 10 years I managed highly technical production departments where the employees were responsible for building and modifying a wide variety of files and ripping them for a variety of uses. I developed several system workflows to increase production and reduce labor for these departments. I then trained and guided people in the use of all technologies involved. I had anywhere from 8 - 30 reports.

Q: Tell me about your ideal work environment.

A: I enjoy working in an environment that allows me the freedom to grow, develop new ideas, and use my talents. It is important to me to work in an open culture where I have the ability to make decisions that can foster improvements. I enjoy putting systems and workflows in place that improve efficiencies and give people the tools to better do their jobs.

Q: Tell me about the biggest effective change you brought to your organization. How did you go about doing it?

A: One of the largest single changes I have implemented in my company involves the full life cycle implementation of the current ERP system. I volunteered to lead the conversion from our old terminal based MIS system to a completely new PC based Progress database driven management system. In four months I learned 90% of the system, built the database from scratch and learned the system needs of every department to train each individual in the company on its use. I developed all the procedures and training manuals for using the system, held many classes from shop floor data entry to job estimating and job entry. This is all followed by the refresh of workstations for nearly the entire company. Upon completion of go live, I developed dozens of reports, not the least of which including the company’s first electronic job ticket and detailed job status report.

As this implementation was completed, I then added an online web portal integrated to the new ERP system. This introduced a new market to the company of fulfillment and online job design for select customers. This gave us the capability to now do Variable Data printing and a greatly streamlined workflow for artwork creation and job entry.

The entire implementation was planned out in advance and worked through in stages. Upon completion, I worked with key members of each department to assess the program and its efficiencies, and then to develop better ways to use the system and reporting.

An equally large change that I managed was the merging of two sets of systems into one, during the merger of our company buying another and moving to one facility. With proper planning, over one weekend, I had all systems moved and operational for production on Monday morning. Duplicate technologies were gradually merged into one without interruption to production.

Q: Describe your professional values. What do you value on the job? What is important to you?

A: I appreciate an open work environment that fosters employees to be invested in quality and the company goals. Any employee may feel welcome to contribute ideas. I like to be included and informed in what is happening, and have some say in ideas and changes. I like doing things that have value to others… things that are important.  Variety and change are exciting to me. The ability to grow, learn, and advance is also important to me.